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Swansea Airport

For Microsoft Flight Simulator

£10.99 ex. VAT

This product is for entertainment use only. To use this in a commercial environment please contact us.

Experience the next generation.

Our environments are the perfect blend of realism, detail and performance.

Pilot Plus are pleased to bring Swansea Airport to life in stunning detail.

Experience the beauty of the Welsh coastline with this highly detailed recreation of Swansea Airport. With meticulously accurate buildings, ground textures, runway and taxiway layouts, you’ll feel like you’re flying into the real Swansea Airport. Admire the beautiful Welsh coastline, with its rugged cliffs and sandy beaches. With its stunning views and rich history, it offers a unique flying experience that is sure to delight pilots of all skill levels. Swansea Airport is popular for general aviation and serves as a great base to explore Wales and beyond.

As with every product, to ensure maximum accuracy, the team visited the airport and was provided a tour to collect reference material.

Fly into Swansea Airport and take in the stunning views of the Gower Peninsula and Swansea Bay. Whether you’re a veteran pilot or a virtual tourist, this addon will add a new level of realism to your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. Experience the beauty of Wales from the cockpit!

  • A high-fidelity rendition of Swansea Airport
  • Full high-resolution PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Full  interior of both the control tower and cafe
  • Dynamic rain on control tower glass and cafe windows
  • Realistic and accurate night lighting throughout
  • Latest high-resolution ground imagery



15 reviews for Swansea Airport

  1. JohnTurner (Verified purchase)

    Run down just as I remember it

  2. John Mason (Verified purchase)

    Nice little airport with wonderful eye to detail and good value for the price well recomended as is all Pilot Plus airports

  3. Neal J. (Verified purchase)

    It’s really nice to see this depth and attention to detail in smaller airfields. There are a lot of really decent free add-ons for when you just make a quick visit, but for places you use frequently, it’s nice to see a quality add-on such as this. I appreciate all the little details and it’s really nice to see the periphery modelled as well. I only have a modest system running at 1080 with high settings, but I didn’t see any impact on frame rates.

    I think the price is very reasonable, representing good value for money for such a well made mod and would definitely buy again from Pilot Plus if they do an airfield I use more than once or twice (hint:EGBO Halfpenny Green). In addition to my home airport, I like to have options in the scenic area of the UK, so more of Wales (Haverford West, Welshpool?), the Lake District and Scotland would be nice.

  4. Glen (Verified purchase)

    Really good

  5. David Morgan (Verified purchase)

  6. Darren Brown (Verified purchase)

    Love it Joe! Just like the real thing! Honestly can’t fault it at all! Now I just need to get that Tomahawk from JF! See you there some time! 😉

  7. Paul Smith (Verified purchase)

    Once again Pilot Plus have delivered. The attention to detail is stunning. This is my third airport and adds to Wycombe and Oxford as my places to fly to

  8. Chris P. (Verified purchase)

    not shiny and polished, the general state of the buildings and runways etc properly show what this airfield looks like in real life. The most realistic small airfield I’ve downloaded for msfs without a doubt.

  9. Stephen M. (Verified purchase)

    Excellent, of course, in a beautiful setting, and with good friends waiting inside.

  10. Jonathan Beckett (Verified purchase)

    Loving the Swansea scenery – I have featured it in a couple of YouTube videos already – lots of good feedback.

  11. mike hoff (Verified purchase)

    Well made airport as usual with pilot plus great work

  12. Dean Bavister (Verified purchase)

    Another high quality product (I already had Southend & Bristol), very good value, please keep making.

  13. Neil (Verified purchase)

  14. Shane Morris (Verified purchase)

    The team at Pilot Plus have done a tremendous job in recreating Swansea down to the finest detail. Having actually flown in to Swansea many times over the years I can attest to the attention to detail this module provides!

  15. ian clarke (Verified purchase)

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