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London Biggin Hill

For Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Situated in the London borough of Bromley, Biggin Hill Airport has a rich and varied history. The airport was originally used as a military base during World War II, and later became a hub for private and charter flights. In recent years, the airport has undergone a multi-million-pound transformation, and now boasts a modern terminal building, a stateoftheart runway, and a range of onsite facilities. Despite its size, Biggin Hill is perhaps best known for itsBiggin Hill Bump a small mound on the runway which has become a notorious challenge for pilots!

The Pilot Plus team has gone above and beyond to make sure that London Biggin Hill airport is as realistic and authentic as possible. Working closely with airport management to make sure that every detail is accounted for, from hangars to bin bags, you’re able to soak up the atmosphere on foot or in the air. The Pilot Plus rendition captures the vibrancy of this iconic airport perfectly in your simulator.

  • A high-fidelity rendition of London Biggin Hill
  • Precise terrain of 1-meter accuracy, inclusive of runway slope and the classic biggin bump.
  • Full high-resolution PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Dynamic rain on control tower glass
  • Realistic and accurate night lighting throughout
  • Latest high-resolution ground imagery and airport layout including the new bombardier super hangar
  • Optional static aircraft



39 reviews for London Biggin Hill

  1. Jack (Verified purchase)

  2. Robert Dick (Verified purchase)

    Very realistic and many features

  3. David B. (Verified purchase)

    A very accurate scenery of Biggin . The detail is superb. Well worth the money and another excellent UK base / destination for business, general aviation and warbird flights.

  4. Peter Campbell (Verified purchase)

    Superb, my local airport has come to life. Accurate detailed and atmospheric. A work of art and love. If only I could still get a beer there…

  5. Bryan Stoneham (Verified purchase)

  6. James P. (Verified purchase)

  7. mike hoff (Verified purchase)

  8. John Mason (Verified purchase)

    More real than the real thing amazing airport at a amazing price much more than 5***** just go and buy it and see for yourself you will not be disappointed

  9. Ian Webb (Verified purchase)

  10. Hugh Bond (Verified purchase)

    1st class rendition of egkb

  11. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

  12. Dave WEGGERY (Verified purchase)

  13. Andrew (Verified purchase)

  14. Paul Smith (Verified purchase)

    This is just a stunning piece of work. I couldn’t believe the level of detail. I just wanted to keep discovering all of the various parts. I should have known it would be good as I have Oxford and Wycombe

  15. Mark (Verified purchase)

    Pilot Plus’ Biggin Hill airport is a beautifully rendered, meticulously detailed rendition of this historic airport. The texture quality, runway markings, buildings and outlying areas are incredible and the attention to detail doesn’t stop with the runway but also covers the nearby roads with highly detailed road signs and clear markings. Great job Pilot Plus – I look forward to your next products.

  16. Charlie McEwan (Verified purchase)

    Superb, great detail but FPS friendly hard to beat in my view

  17. David McKee (Verified purchase)

    Stunning rendition of a living legend of a airport, attention to detail simply superb.

  18. Allan (Verified purchase)

    This historical yet modern airfield has been supremely modelled surround by businesses with great detail that brings atmosphere to an airfield suitable for GA, Biz Jets and the odd warbird. Being situated in rolling hills, it’s great for low and slow site-seeing as well as regional excursions.

  19. Robin Messenger (Verified purchase)

  20. alan gosney (Verified purchase)

  21. Martyn B. (Verified purchase)

    Wonderful detail and no hit on performance. An iconic location

  22. David Krause (Verified purchase)

    The scenery is absolutley stunning and seems to be up to date with the latest buildings. There is remarkable detail. It does not impact frame rates on my system. Overall excellent value for money. I am very pleased with the purchase.

  23. Roland (Verified purchase)

  24. Dave (Verified purchase)

    Love it. Been flying my local airfield from stock MSFS which was OK but this package is detailed and very accurate to the real thing. No massive FPS drops so this really adds to the realism and was well worth waiting for – Thanks alot!

  25. Anthony Bavin (Verified purchase)

    Great product

  26. Barry O’Brien (Verified purchase)

    Superb detail. I love to fly a helicopter around Biggin Hill and each time I do, I discover something new. Love it.

  27. Gary (Verified purchase)

    Amazing detail, as good as all the other quality airport add ons from this developer. Highly recommended.

  28. Philip M. (Verified purchase)

    excellent detail, love it

  29. Frederic L. (Verified purchase)

  30. peter thomas (Verified purchase)

    Well this airport is awasome got all your airports u do can’t wait to see what u are doing next

  31. Peter Hougardy (Verified purchase)

    Very well designed and as real as it gets: beautiful!

  32. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

    Lovely rendition of this famous airfield.

  33. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

  34. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

    No problems with download and installation. Airport very good, detailed and much as I remember the actual airport from visiting it over many years.

  35. David B. (Verified purchase)

    As usual from Pilot Plus an A+ rendition of a great and historic airport…..

  36. David Westwood (Verified purchase)

    Superb product. Will definitely buy from you again

  37. JASON MARTIN (Verified purchase)

    Nice airport and appreciate all the work that has gone in to making this look as real to life as possible. Just wish there was traffic using the main road outside the airport as in real life.

  38. ian clarke (Verified purchase)

  39. Mike Moore (Verified purchase)

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