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Bristol International

For Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Bristol International Airport is one of the largest airports to serve the south-west of the UK hosting the likes of easyJet, TUI, Ryanair and Jet2. The airport is built on a former RAF base and has continuously expanded over the last decades; increasing capacity to meet the growing passenger demand. With a fun approach, an elevation of 622ft and an iconic sloped runway the airport is known as foggy bottom among the pilot community.

The Pilot Plus rendition of Bristol Airport is the most accurate available for flight simulation. No detail has been missed. The extreme visual fidelity of this airport boasts realism and authenticity, immersing you within the atmosphere that has been captured of the real airport. The airport and close surrounding area includes high resolution terrain of 1 metre resolution, capturing the iconic runway slope and every small bump for a life-like experience.

Beyond the weather influenced glass of the terminal you will discover a full interior, beautiful by day and by night. Bristol Airport is truly next generation.

  • An ultra-realistic rendition of Bristol Airport
  • Precise terrain of 1 metre resolution, inclusive of accurate runway slope
  • Full high-resolution PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Dynamic rain on terminal and tower glass
  • Full exterior and interior of terminal and control tower
  • Realistic and accurate night lighting throughout
  • Latest high resolution ground imagery and airport layout



33 reviews for Bristol International

  1. Luke (Verified purchase)

    This is a very beautifully made scenery add-on for MSFS. The level of detail found within, throughout and around the airport is exceptionally good and it does very well in mirroring it’s real life version of BRS too!

  2. David (Verified purchase)

  3. Anthony B. (Verified purchase)

    great piece of scenery, truly immersive.

  4. Simon R. (Verified purchase)

    I have been waiting for Bristol to come to MSFS, having previously owned this on X Plane 11. I have to say it is even better and a great addition to the sim and the South West of the U.K.
    I look forward to more from Pilot Plus in the future.

  5. mike s. (Verified purchase)

    Great scenery

  6. Paul Castle (Verified purchase)

    Excellent service and a great product

  7. peter b. (Verified purchase)

    The Bristol Airport Scenery is excellent and goes into such great detail excellent product to enhance Microsoft Simulation.

  8. Enid Otun (Verified purchase)

    Amazing amount of detail and realism at this airport.

  9. mark w. (Verified purchase)

    Great scenery and discounted if you’ve purchased X-plane version

  10. peter pearce (Verified purchase)

    I did not like the fact that I had to login to my account half way through installation to track down the serial number. Never had to with other brands. The modelling was good on 90% of the airport, shame about the multi story carpark, most of the cars were stuck to through the ceiling on all floors. Otherwise the airport was really well modelled with no effect to frame rate. Look forwards to the next one.

    • Pilot Plus (store manager)

      Hi Peter,

      The cars in the multi-story should not be floating, this is possibly linked to a terrain detail setting in your simulator.
      Thank you for your review!

      Pilot Plus

  11. Jack Sherriff (Verified purchase)

    Great Price, And the detail is out of this world !

  12. Dave young (Verified purchase)


  13. Allan (Verified purchase)

    Stunning location at a high point among hills, very nice detailing providing a regional size airport with international facilities. Could benefit in improving the external roads bordering the airport, needs controllers modelled and some fire equipment on show for perfection.

  14. David C. (Verified purchase)

    Great product, enhances your flight Sim experience and makes it far more enjoyable in vr

  15. Joshua O. (Verified purchase)

    Had trouble with initial install but refreshing mods folder fixed any issues (mainly floating cars and missing buildings)

  16. Paul (Verified purchase)

  17. Mike Edwards (Verified purchase)

    My Home airport. A must. Quality

  18. John Silcox (Verified purchase)

    Absolutely brilliant rendition of the airport , I have had trial flights in a piper from there and your scenery really captures the feel of really being there. I have also gone on holiday from there and the interior is fantastic. Well done on a great product.

  19. John (Verified purchase)

    Amazing reproduction of my local airport.

  20. michael flower (Verified purchase)

    Great job, as i’m local to Bristol it’s nice to have a detailed home airport.

  21. Mike R. (Verified purchase)

  22. Alan (Verified purchase)

    As impressive as the Xplane 11 version of EGGD is, Pilot Plus have made an even better job of the MSFS version. With a modelled terminal interior, an accurate sloped runway and up to date removal of the old terminal building, the airport is packed with features including realistic airside clutter, static aircraft and moving vehicles.

    I would personally prefer an option to remove static aircraft now that at least two and shortly 3 add-on options will be available for AI but I dont think that is easy with the MS/Asobo market place limitations. None-the-less some way to free up the parking would be nice for those of us who purchase directly from Pilot Plus.

    This is hands down the best version of EGGD money can buy for MSFS and I highly recommend adding it to your airport collection.

  23. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

  24. jim saunders (Verified purchase)

    it does really look great , told myself i wouldn’t purchase trust me this is worth it , looks awesome thankyou

  25. Martyn Buckley (Verified purchase)

    Fabulous detail and graphics. No noticeable fps hit. Love it

  26. John (Verified purchase)

  27. Michael Sharwood Smith (Verified purchase)

  28. James Callan (Verified purchase)

    Not a lot of background in airport add-ons, but comparison of ASOBO’s EGGP to PilotPlus’s EGGB is night and day, the first “dead” and PilotPlus’s ALIVE, vital and vibrant. Details of airport physical plant, tank farms, fullness of markings and signage add so much to being there instead of just taxiing to the active. Great stuff, highly recommended.

  29. Christopher W. (Verified purchase)

    Absolutely amazing scenery, super accurate and very high quality at a great price! Highly recommend!

  30. Timothy Murphy (Verified purchase)

    This scenery was too much to run in XP11 but is a different story in MSFS 2020. Runs great with even more detail. Yes i now run an rtx 3090 over a 2070 super but msfs contains even more surrounding detail. One of my favorite UK airports with its short range to other European destinations.

  31. David B. (Verified purchase)

    Stunning attention to detail and no noticeable drop in FPS – highly recommended

  32. Richard Williams (Verified purchase)

  33. Roderick Gray (Verified purchase)

    Super airport very true to life

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