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London Oxford

For Microsoft Flight Simulator

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London Oxford is a bustling business aviation airport located 40 miles north-west of Greater London. The airport is globally recognised and a popular choice for VIP business travel. Housing Oxford Aviation Academy, Leading Edge Aviation and many more training providers, London Oxford sustains lots of general aviation traffic and holds special memories for many pilots.

The airport features meticulous detail and accuracy. The Pilot Plus team have worked closely with airport management to ensure realism and authenticity. The virtual environment captures the vibrant atmosphere at London Oxford, you will find something new to explore around every corner.

London Oxford is a fantastic airport to explore the British countryside and a great base for international flights. Every asset at the airport is ultra-realistic and accurate, London Oxford is truly next generation.

Oxford is intended for use alongside World Update 3: UK


If you are using this for personal use to support your real-life flying, you may require a small patch to allow the NDB to be tuned to a whole number rather than decimal in the simulator – you can find the guide on how to install this at the bottom of the page.


  • An ultra-realistic rendition of London Oxford
  • Full PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Dynamic rain on the control tower and terminal glass
  • True to life static aircraft, tower, and terminal interior
  • Custom authentic ground lines, markings and asphalts
  • Updated 2021 layout – Working with airport management


Patch for NDB non-decimal:

  1. Download the patched .BGL file here:    Download BGL
  2. Extract the .zip file
  3. Locate your installation of EGTK, it should be somewhere in your community folder (Unless moved) for example: “<Your Path>\Community\pilotplus-airport-egtk-londonoxford”
  4. Rename the existing objects .bgl   (PP-EGTK-objects.bgl)   to   (PP-EGTK-objects_DecimalNDB.bgl) that are in “<Your Path>\Community\pilotplus-airport-egtk-londonoxford\scenery\PilotPlus\PPEGTK\”
  5. Now copy the new .bgl file that was in the .zip, and paste it into the same folder





24 reviews for London Oxford

  1. Mark (Verified purchase)

    Stunning scenery, seems almost real, perfect destination for my GA and biz jets. Great level of detail. Highly recommend.

  2. Robert J. (Verified purchase)

    I own EGTB Wycombe, my local airfield, so was very pleased to see EGTK Oxford appear. It’s not too far away and ideal as a destination for an afternoon’s bimbling. This really is an accurate representation of an airfield much used by training and VFR traffic. Everything is there, not a building missing, and blending in perfectly with the surrounding countryside. One of the top airfield addons for MSFS.

  3. paul (Verified purchase)

    fantastic detail can’t wait till the next release of airfields. Great work guys

  4. Chris Norris (Verified purchase)

  5. Tony D. (Verified purchase)

    I fly regularly from Oxford airport and this recreation is incredible. Everything is exactly where you expect to see it – even the terrible parking!

  6. Dirk Pitt (Verified purchase)

    Good feel for how much there is on for such a small airport.

  7. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

  8. Jonathan S. (Verified purchase)

    Nice to have another quality Pilot Plus airfield so near to Wycombe Air Park

  9. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

  10. Paul Castle (Verified purchase)

    Great product well worth having.

  11. Steve (Verified purchase)

    Thank you for this beautiful creation

  12. Allister Mallett (Verified purchase)

    Reasonable price for such great detail.

  13. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

  14. Alan Fidler (Verified purchase)

    I may have said this before, Pilot Plus is my favourite developer. Their scenery is second to none and London Oxford is another beautifully modelled example. Full of detail, the scenery oozes quality from the aprons and taxiways to the lovely interior in the control tower. Even the coffee looks good!

  15. Anonymous (Verified purchase)


  16. Ian (Verified purchase)

    Great product. Very well modelled and rendered.

  17. Allan (Verified purchase)

    Really well done airport, tons of details, ideal base for small to medium aircraft, ideal for access all over the South of England. Having controllers modelled in the tower would be icing on the cake.

  18. Richard Brewer (Verified purchase)

    knowing the area and airport well it’s very accurate

  19. peter p. (Verified purchase)

    As expected a very realistic airport that came to life in VR.

  20. Martyn B. (Verified purchase)

    Great detail in a great location for GA for small jet flying

  21. barry.pate (Verified purchase)

    This is my first purchase from Pilot Plus and I am impressed. Oxford is an excellent GA airfield with loads of detail. I’ve been flying out of it frequently.

  22. Ian Thompson (Verified purchase)


  23. Anonymous (Verified purchase)

  24. Laurie Doering (Verified purchase)

    Fabulous attention to detail! Only the best makes the cut for an associated video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYa36Z8RcfM

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