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Wycombe Air Park sits on the edge of London and is home to a bustling aviation community. Set in the classic British countryside, Wycombe is a popular airfield for general aviation pilots and training helicopter pilots alike. Pilot Plus’ London Wycombe captures the airfield’s atmosphere and unique charm, providing you with the perfect general aviation gateway.

Using crisp ground imagery and densely packed modelling throughout, Pilot Plus has crafted the definitive version of London Wycombe Air Park. Combining ultra-realistic models and texturing with modern techniques and extensive details, this is the perfect place to start your VFR experience. With fantastic use of PBR effects to enhance the simulation, extensive use of 3D grass and plenty of finer details to find, London Wycombe Air Park packs plenty of character.

A huge amount of time has been spent on ensuring complete accuracy and our innovative dynamic vegetation technology adds those extra seasonal variations on the fly within the simulator – unique for X-Plane 11.

Using real-world data and onsite visits, the airfield is completed to the highest detail providing a truly authentic adventure. Soar across the area with accurately placed VFR landmarks all used by real-pilots to complete circuits. Helicopter users will also take delight in the addition of Cliveden House helipad giving you a chance to land locally before your spot of virtual lunch.

Now having partnered with Orbx, Pilot Plus London Wycombe Definitive perfectly blends with TrueEarth Great Britain South meaning you can explore the beautiful surroundings of Buckinghamshire and fully immerse yourself in the local sights.


  • Our Definitive replication of London Wycombe
  • A unique and charming atmosphere with highly detailed 3D modelling
  • Full PBR ground details with crisp surrounding ground imagery
  • Adaptive seasonal vegetation (changes on the fly)
  • Atmospheric night environment, perfect for that sunset departure
  • Includes local VFR landmarks which real-life pilots use when completing circuits
  • Includes Cliveden House Helipad for trips from Wycombe
  • Perfectly blends with Orbx TrueEarth




X-Plane 11

15 reviews for London Wycombe – Definitive

  1. Colin S. (verified owner)

    I bought London Definitive because I was very impressed with Bristol definitive. very good.

  2. Michael Hall (verified owner)

    Having visited Wycombe and Marlow recently, it was fun seeing it from 2000 ft. The airfield is superbly crafted with realistic buildings and static aircraft. It has spurred me on to expanding my scenery bank. Thanks.

  3. John J. (verified owner)

  4. Richard Dischner (verified owner)

  5. Christopher (verified owner)

    Great but FPS takes a bit of a hit

  6. Patrick Smith (verified owner)

    Quality scenery as can be usually be expected from PilotPlus, but a little disappointed that the install does not integrate with the Orbx Central product listing which, for example, Parallel (//) 42 does with its’ 3rd Party associate addons. (Similar experience for their excellent Bristol International).
    Don’t let that put you off buying their quality sceneries!

  7. Alain BURGARELLA (verified owner)

  8. Michael Douglas (verified owner)

    Excellent rendition of Wycombe

  9. Peter Campbell (verified owner)

    Very pleased, accurate, detailed and even has the squash club where I used to play in the 1970’s!

  10. Michael Hammett (verified owner)

    Great all round detail.

  11. Mike Greenaway (verified owner)

    Only gave 4 stars Because the program leaves a Zip File in Custom Scenery and I had to get the folder from there before it could be read by the scenery packs ini

    • Joe (store manager)

      Hi Mike,

      It seems like you have had installation issues, the installer handles the complete installation and should unzip everything accordingly.

      If require support please contact us.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is such an idyllic and charming airfield, brought to life by the clever folks at Pilot Plus. The detail is incredible, a must have for every GA pilot. Steve (VR Flight Sim Guy)

  13. matthew Lane (verified owner)

    I was born and raised in high Wycombe it’s always been a special memory in my mind. I recently lost my mum On 1st of July 2020 who also lived in Wycombe 5 mins from the air park. I needed to purchase this air park from you guys as it’s always going to remind me of all the good times spent at Wycombe and flying into Wycombe is just amazing the air park is just mind blowing. Thanks for keeping my memories alive pilot plus. Love you

  14. Stelios Charalambides (verified owner)

    I don’t remember Wycombe being so grimy. Also why all the traffic cones in the taxi area?

  15. Steven Brownhill (verified owner)

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